Margie writes absolutely exquisite poetry, but this is especially heartfelt as it’s a tribute to her sister.

When The Heart Speaks

Is it dark enough, sister?
Do you need the light?
I hung your picture
over my bed
and your eyes
that cannot see
found a corner.
Stay with me
for a little while
I can be your eyes.

The quilt our gramma made
I use it now
to warm me
I pull its thickness
to my chin at night
when the moon
smears through the window.

It is cold here
without you ~ I sleep
in our mother’s robe
the way she taught us
arms ’round our knees
head tucked to chest —

I look out the window
beyond its coppered rivets
and see you, young again
red bicycle with white basket
full of apples and violets.
Stay with me
in this corner which is my room.

Can you see me, sister
past the disrobing of night
the arms of the sun
pulling the darkness away?

Sister, stay with me

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