Pete has set his latest story, “The River,” in the US, and given that he lives in the UK and has never visited here, he’s done an impressive job capturing the flavor and vernacular of a small American town. And unsurprisingly it’s another captivating tale. If you enjoy authors like Harlan Coben, I highly recommend you give this a read!


This is all 21 parts of my recent fiction serial, in one complete story.
It is a long read, at 23,940 words.

We used to lay on the grass by the bank, the sun in our faces. Most of the time, the river flowed by fast. But on really hot days it seemed reluctant to move, like liquid chocolate, or molasses.

The dragonflies hovered over the water, and every so often, we heard the plopping sound as a fish took a bug off the surface.

Close to our favourite spot, it wasn’t deep enough for swimming. But a short walk along the bank led to a place where there was enough water for a shallow dive, and a welcome swim during the hottest summers. Whenever we got out of school, or during the holidays, you would be sure to find us there as long as the sun was out.


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