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I always thought, if I could just put something in words perfectly enough, people would get the idea, and it would change things. That’s a harmless conceit. With people, too, you constantly think, ‘If I’m nice to people and treat them well, they’ll appreciate it and behave better.’ They won’t, but it’s still not a bad way to live.

Music legend Neil Peart, who along with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, made up the popular Canadian rock band, Rush, lost his three year battle with brain cancer on Tuesday. Peart was the author of seven non-fiction novels and a gifted lyricist who drew inspiration from classic literature, philosophy, and science fiction. But what he will go down in music history for is his prodigious talent with the drums. Combining elements of hard rock with jazz and big band, Peart had a jaw-dropping style all his own. There are so many Rush videos available to watch, but I chose two that I hope will showcase his genius.

Some are born to move the world

To live their fantasies

But most of us just dream about

The things we’d like to be

Sadder still to watch it die

Than never to have known it

For you the blind who once could see

The bell tolls for thee

The bell tolls for…

For you the blind who once could see

The bell tolls for thee

The bell tolls for thee

From the song Losing It

Songwriters: Neil Elwood Peart, Gary Lee Weinrib, and Alex Zivojinovich 


R.I.P. Professor. You will never be forgotten.