There have been some truly outrageous statements put forth by Mr. Trump’s defenders, but this afternoon Alan Dershowitz took things to a new level whe basically ripped up the Constitution as he argued that as long as a president thinks his holding office is in the public interest than virtually anything he does to get re-elected is not impeachable. Excuse me, but WTF!


If you’re gasping in disbelief and thinking “Kim, you must have misunderstood,” check out his speech.

For anyone out there who still doesn’t see how dangerous Mr. Trump and his syncophantic supporters are, I say WAKE UP! Arguments like these are of the same vein as ones put forth by the likes of Hitler and Stalin. What Dershowitz is espousing would put the president above the law and the Constitution. If there was any doubt left, as to the trouble this country is in, what Dershowitz stated this afternoon should dispel it.