Last week I shared the short story “Arachnophobia,” from Pete’s new Photo Prompt series. “Uncaring” is a wicked tale spun from a photo I sent him.


This is a short story, in 1500 words.
It was prompted by the above photo, sent to me by Kim Barker.

I often wondered why I bothered with college. All that time and money, then no decent jobs at the end of it. Didn’t help that I had moved out of home, anything to get away from my stifling parents. So I needed rent money, food money, and had to pay for cable too. I resolved to take anything I could get.

Home Care is not a glamorous industry, believe me. People live in shit, they really do. Smelly apartments, tumbled-down tract houses, rooms crammed with crappy old stuff they call memories. But unsocial hours and weekends paid better, so I signed up with the agency, and got my own round within walking distance.

Oh my God, the smells! You had to be there. Helping old folks use the…

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