This is the second photo I sent Pete for his Photo Prompt series, and again he’s proven he’s a master storyteller.


This is a short story, in 790 words.
It was prompted by the above photo, the second one sent to me by Kim Barker.

I used to look at other women all the time. Well, the pregnant ones, and those with babies. Friends told me it didn’t matter. I could make something of my life. We had a double income, and free time. Nothing to hold us back. We could go on vacation, stay up late, sleep in at weekends. Kids weren’t everything.

Steve’s mom suggested we got a dog, or maybe a cat. Perhaps both.

Easy to say when you already have kids.
Easy to say when you are six months pregnant, and showing the scan photos around.
Easy to say when you fall pregnant any time you’re not ‘careful’.
Easy to say when you have three kids, and think maybe a fourth would round things up nicely.

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