Our little Lacey passed on six years ago this month, and left a void in my husband’s and my lives that has never been filled. I sent this picture to Pete for his Photo Prompt series knowing if anyone could do her justice, he could. Unsurprisingly, my faith has been rewarded with this heartwarming tale!


This is a short story, in 1118 words.
It was inspired by the above photo, sent to me by Kim Barker.

Vernon was a big man, and I mean big. He looked as wide as he was tall, and had hands like bunches of bananas. Okay, he was getting some flab as he got older, but woe betide anyone who took him on. Anyone who thought that ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall’ was destined to be very wrong, when it came to Vern.

A big man needs a big dog, at least as far as he was concerned. And he got the biggest and meanest dog he could find. Tank was a Rottweiler, and one of the biggest I had ever seen. He was well-named too, as he could bash through any local dogs, and didn’t even notice them as he did so. Vern kitted him…

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