Brendan lives in New York City, which as most of you know is the epicenter of the coronavirus here in the U.S. He’s going to be giving weekly updates (Thurs. evenings), on what’s happening in NYC, lending it a much more personal perspective than what you see on the news. If you can, please follow his fantastic blog and give him your support.

Blind Injustice

Last week, there seemed to be some reader interest in my update on how I’m doing, and how my city is doing, with the coronavirus. Given that fact, I will be continuing to post these weekly updates until the coronavirus settles down in New York City.

I, personally, am lucky economically. I heard that over three million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. I am not one of them, and to the contrary, I am not losing any pay as a result of this crisis. Yes, there are certainly quirks involved with working from home (which I started doing last Monday), especially when your priorities compete with the priorities of other family members working or studying from home. Nevertheless, when I consider the fact that over three million of my fellow Americans are filing for unemployment benefits, I am lucky economically.

I am also lucky health-wise (so far). I’ve had…

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