Hi Everyone. This is the second installment of Family Fridays, and I hope it finds you and yours safe and well. You may have noticed I’ve been trying to keep things light and positive on By Hook Or By Book, but I have to confess I’m scared. My husband and I are doing fine, but it’s allergy season here and I have asthma, so I have to keep giving myself a slap whenever I start getting a little short of breath and start panicking. We have wonderful neighbors who are the epitome of southern hospitality, and we’ve been socializing from a safe distance and sharing supplies. The rising numbers of people who are sick or dying from Covid-19 are staggering, and the projected numbers for the next several weeks, even more so. They’re so overwhelming that I can’t bring myself to include them, but if you live in the U.S. you’re more than likely to be familiar with them, and if you don’t, you can easily look them up online. As of Thursday evening Alabama has 1,233 confirmed cases, with at least 32 deaths. It’s nothing like New York, but the numbers keep climbing each day. While Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida are the latest states to issue stay-at-home orders, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey stated again this week that she won’t be doing the same. Her rationale is: “We are not California.” The problem is that the rise of confirmed cases here is outpacing California’s. I can’t even imagine what the U.S. is going to look like in 8 weeks. At the latest White House daily briefing, Dr. Birx, the coronavirus task force coordinator warned:

So, we’re only as strong as every community, every county, every state, every American following the guidelines to a T. And I can tell by the curve…that not every American is following it.

Okay. I’m giving myself a mental shake here and going back to positive thinking. I’m going to finish by sharing with you comedian Larry David‘s new PSA about the importance of social distancing, in case you haven’t seen it. He gives an important message his own humorous spin.

So, how are all of you?