So many. So, so many people have fallen victim to Covid-19. And as horrible as the increasing death toll is, even more tragic are the healthcare professionals who have also died. Lisa Ewald was an ER nurse of 20 years, working on the frontlines at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. She had asthma which put her at a higher risk, but she kept taking care of those who wound up in her ER. She started showing signs of coronavirus the end of March, loss of smell, high fever and a cough. She reportedly told friends she tried to get tested twice. The hospital, citing the CDC guidelines at the time wouldn’t test her until she started showing symptoms. Eventually, when she was tested, she was positive. Sadly, the registered nurse died alone at her home on March 31, four days before her 54th birthday. I honestly don’t know what more to say except that we are failing our frontline workers who are doing their best to take care of us, and our government just doesn’t seem to care. I’ve been trying to stay away from politics during this crisis and keep things upbeat, uplifting, and informative, but I had to share this story with you. I’m angry and frustrated, and everyone who reads about Lisa Ewald and the other healthcare workers who aren’t getting the equipment, protection and testing they need, should be furious as well. THIS. IS. UNACCEPTABLE! That said, I’d like to thank her and everyone else who is being asked to sacrifice themselves. They are true heroes who deserve better.