Dr. Rex is a huge fan of singer Randy Rainbow, and she’s gotten me addicted to his videos as well. “A Spoonful of Clorox” is his funniest parody yet!😂

It Is What It Is

~~April 25, 2020~~


You must be hiding under a rock if you haven’t heard the Prez’s new suggestion for treatment of COVID-19.

The following day he walked it back by saying he was being sarcastic.

I’m not buying the ‘treatment’ or the excuse at all!

Randy’s here to explain it all to us!

The seriousness of the health pandemic can’t be minimized but when things are scary, uncertain and difficult to accept, humor makes the day … at least mine!



Trump’s suggestion that people might try ingesting disinfectant to “knock out” coronavirus gave Randy Rainbow a few ideas for other home remedies, with an assist from Mary Poppins.

Sings Rainbow:

“Some Pledge on your pancakes makes coronavirus pass, coronavirus pass, coronavirus paaasss — if it gives you gas try some bleach in your beer, and shove a flashlight up your…

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