For anyone who’s nervous about WPs new block editor (like me), which is scheduled to debut on June 1, Fraggle has kindly provided an easy to follow tutorial.

Fraggle's Otherverse

All well here so far, nothing new to report, we still have hedgehogs, we still have a broken magpie. Apparently the old classic editor is being superceded by the new block editor, and that will happen on June 1st. Or not, I’ve also read that it isn’t happening until 2021, so who knows.

When ever it comes, it seems to be upsetting older people, and long term users of WP who are used to the classic editor. I’ve been using it since it came out, so long now that I can’t remember what the old editor was like! The Guttenberg one has been through a few changes, and it really isn’t hard to use. Seriously folks, it’s no big deal. We olduns just don’t like change, or are scared of the unknown when it comes to tech, but we are all capable people when it comes down to it. The…

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