Hi Everyone. I hope this Friday finds you all well and safe. As the U.S. death toll has now surpassed 100,000, here’s how things stand in AL as of 5/28/2020: Confirmed Covid-19 cases have reached 16,530 and 591 people have succumbed to the deadly virus. That’s an increase of 3,115 new cases and 62 deaths. This is the biggest surge since I first started doing these posts over two months ago. It’s not surprising when the state’s been pretty much business as usual for the last three weeks. And, I expect things to get even worse.

I confess, I’m discouraged. I’m upset that this pandemic has become a political tool. I feel as though people like myself because of age and/or underlying illness are pretty much being thrown under the bus, and after watching scenes over the Memorial Day weekend like the two above, of revelers eschewing masks and social distancing, I’m completely disgusted by some of my fellow Americans. Don’t worry. I’m not going on another rant. I’m just frustrated and fed up.


But, enough of that. For this week’s positivity I’d like to share two things that make me smile. This lovely creation is by fellow WP blogger Fraggle. I‘ve shared some of her phenomenal work before, but if you don’t already do so, you should go visit her blog at https://fragglerocking.org and check out her amazing photos and fascinating English historical landmark tours. She is a true artist! And, nothing says relaxation like watching PBS’s Bob Ross. Although he sadly passed away in 1995, we can continue watching him share his Joy of Painting in videos which you can find on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

So, how are all of you?