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While thousands of people continue to die in the U.S., the Toddler-In-Chief has been a busy boy on Twitter, attacking football teams for considering name changes due to racist connotations, and unbelievably insinuating that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace perpetrated a hoax after a “car pull” that bore a remarkable resemblance to a noose was found hanging in his team’s Talladega SuperSpeedway garage last month.


While there’s still a mystery regarding who hung it, the FBI concluded that it’s been there last fall, and it wasn’t a hate message directed at Mr. Wallace. No where in their report did they accuse him or anyone else of a hoax. However, Trump, never one to let an opportunity go by to send a dog whistle to those supporters who are racist, had to send this out.


And here’s Bubba’s classy reply who he addressed To the next generation and little ones who follow my footsteps.