Happy Friday my WP friends. I hope all of you have stayed safe and well this week. Here’s how things are going in Alabama.


As of yesterday, July 9, 2020, confirmed cases of coronavirus stand at 48,588 confirmed cases, with 1,042 deaths. That’s a difference of 8,984 new cases and 81 more people who have tragically lost their lives. We seem to be breaking multiple records. There were 2,164 new cases in the last 24 hours. Statewide, hospitalizations are skyrocketing and 88% of ICU beds are full, leaving only 202 beds available statewide.


Our apartment manager told me this morning that our city has officially been designated a hotspot. As such, in addition to the precautions they’ve already taken, masks are mandated in the management office, and only one person is allowed in at a time. I’ve taken to using the laundry room before 8:00 a.m. in order to finish up before others come in. Even my mask-eschewing, social distancing negating neighbor who I told you about a few weeks ago, is now admitting we need to take this more seriously. Of course he also said I have to give credit to Trump for instituting lockdowns, but it’s progress. Baby steps right?

Holding paper cut of hope

I just keep thinking, hoping this will eventually pass. In the meantime I’m trying to keep my anxiety at bay with my daily walking, swimming, and French lessons on Duolingo. There’s also a Lowe’s about a mile away from us and their garden center is outside, so my hubby and I are thinking of taking a walk (with our masks), and getting a couple of African violets.


For this week’s positivity…Well, to tell you the truth I‘ve been a bit down this week and had the dickens of a time finding something that spoke to me. And then I stumbled upon this news story about Sacramento’s two-year-old Brody Alexzandr who has been named Tiny Hawk, by his legions of fans. Check this out!

So, that’s it for me. Let me know how y’all are doing!