Happy Friday everyone. I wish the news from Alabama that I’ll be sharing was better, but it’s not. There are now 60,158 confirmed cases and at least 1,200 lives have been lost to this horrible virus. From last week that’s a jump of 11,570 new cases and 158 deaths. You know things are getting dire when your conservative Republican Governor issues a statewide mask mandate after meeting with Dr. Birx Wednesday. News just broke also that in our city the water park and all city pools and aquatic centers are to be closed for the summer.


There is some good news though in that the death rate has dropped from its high of just over 4% in May, to 2% in July. The pessimist in wonders how long that will last though.


I haven’t been out much except for walking, but I’ve noticed more people going in and out of stores with masks. Except for The Outback restaurant down the street where my husband and I were a bit shocked to see last night their parking lot packed with only a few mask wearers. Have I mentioned I really don’t understand people sometimes?


For this week’s positivity Banksy has struck again, this time on the London Underground with some coronavirus-inspired artwork titled If You Mask, You Don’t Get. Check this out.

You may have noticed near the end, the mysterious masked artist also spray painted the words I get lockdown and then But I get up again. On his Instagram page Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping then starts playing. I’m including their original video becauseI challenge anyone not to be smiling by the end.

So, that’s it for me Ladies and Gentlemen. How are all of you doing?