I knew as soon as I saw Randy Rainbow trending on Google, that the wonderful Dr. Rex would have his latest video on her blog. All I can say is that I hope Dr. Fauci sees this!

It Is What It Is

~~July 22, 2020~~


Waking up this morning to a new Randy video!! It’s a good morning fact. Randy has proven over and over again that he’s quite talented and in tune with the ‘dumfuckery’ that Donnie’s ‘presidency’ has dropped on the citizens of this nation.

Laughter is the best medicine!! Thank you, Randy!!



In his latest musical parody, Randy Rainbow sings a desperate plea to Anthony Fauci to save us from misinformation.

Check out the West Side Story spoof below!

Randy Rainbow (yes, real name) is a comedian, actor, writer, host and internet celebrity best known for his series of satirical videos.”is political spoofs (including “Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump“) have garnered international acclaim and millions of views.

His song parody “GOP Dropout” series was called “the best thing about the GOP race” by Dan Savage. His videos have appeared…

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