Bonjour, mes amis. Comment allez-vous? Sorry. I’ve been refreshing my high school French on Duolingo the last several weeks and I think I’m getting carried away. Anyway, another week has breezed by and here how things are going in Alabama.


As you can see from the graphic above, as of yesterday there are now 72,696 confirmed cases and 1,357 deaths. From last week that’s an increase from last week of 12,538 more people who have tested positive, and 157 more victims who have tragically succumbed. As I noted last week, there is a mask mandate now in place throughout the state until July 31, so it will be interesting to see what effect this has on future numbers. I’ve got to tell you though, my husband stopped by a convenience store down the street from us last night to grab a bottle of laundry detergent for me, and out of the 8-10 people in there, only he and one other customer were wearing masks. And even more infuriating, the store worker behind the counter wasn’t wearing one!


Given that Mr. Trump and “leaders” Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp, still can’t seem to admit that masks would work if EVERYONE wore one, I suppose this isn’t surprise. I swear, the next time I hear Mr. Stable Genius say that if we didn’t test as much, the numbers wouldn’t be as high, I‘m going to…


Sigh. Well, I can’t control other people’s behavior, just my own. I’ve been really trying to let go of my anger and frustration.



It’s an ongoing process so I’ll let you know how it goes.😏


For this week’s positivity I’ve selected the following musical number from the late, great, Judy Garland.

So, that’s it for me Mesdames et Messieurs. Let me know how you’re all doing!