The reopening of schools in the midst of a pandemic has become the next hot button issue. With daily changing and mixed messaging coming from the White House and the CDC, emotions are running high on both sides of the issues. As a former teacher and children’s librarian myself, I’m torn. Of course learning from home isn’t a perfect solution. Not only do children not learn as much remotely, but it’s psychologically and socially damaging. On the other hand, while yes, children as a whole aren’t getting as sick from COVID-19, there haven’t been many studies yet on their passing it on to others, although a recent South Korean study involving 65,000 found that those ages 10-19 were just as likely to spread the virus as adults. Here are two very different videos regarding the issue. The first is from a 5th grade teacher as she tries to prepare her classroom. The second is a musical parody from singer Chris Mann, who has a young child.

I also found these Washington Post and National Geographic to be very informative.