This is a must read post by Jackie! As she says “None of us are less than and none of us deserve to die. Period.”

Disability & Determination

There are a lot of reasons to care about COVID. It’s killing people, that alone should be enough. In my state alone, almost 9500 people have died now.

The other part that’s getting a lot less exposure is what is happening when the hospitals get overwhelmed. As more and more people get the virus and the hospital beds fill up, there’s no longer room to accommodate everyone. So what does that mean? It means doctors are having to make the horrendous decision of who to keep treating and who not to. Which essentially means they have to choose who lives and who dies. A big part of this decision for them is what someone’s quality of life is like and could be like if they’re able to beat COVID. This probably sounds obvious and sounds fair to most people. But what it means for members of the disabled community is…

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