There’s so much horrible news out there right now that I have to share this inspiring post from Pete. Not only do young people like Samy give us hope for the future, but teachers like Pete illustrate why they always have been essential workers.

Pete Springer

There are times in a teaching career when you wonder, “Was it all worth it? Would I do it again?” My answer has always been a resounding “yes” to those questions, but I don’t think there is a teacher alive who hasn’t wondered about those things on occasion. All teachers inevitably have bad days, and it can leave you feeling, “What am I doing? I must be the world’s worst teacher.”

One of the mysteries of teaching is that you can have one of these awful days from nowhere.  With experience, you learn that these things can happen randomly for no apparent reason.  Many times, it has nothing to do with you but difficult situations that are going on in your students’ lives that you are unaware of.  Sometimes you discover why things went amiss, but many times you don’t.  Just as often, the following day, everything goes according to…

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