Check out this whimsically witty review of Enola Holmes by the erudite detective herself!


Now where to begin? I suppose I should start with introducing myself. My name is Enola Holmes. Yes, I can see by that look on your face that you are quite surprised at finding me here, instead of the boy that usually runs this establishment. What’s that? Oh yes, forgive me, it’s not establishment but blog. I can’t get used to these modern times with all these fancy words. So, I guess I should start explaining myself then should I not? I was asked by the boy Michel who also goes by the rather dreadful name of Raistlin to go ahead and write a review for my own movie. Well, I say boy, but at 44 years of age he’s more of a man really, though he insists he’s not grown up at all. If you ask me he looks and sounds a bit like a nincompoop, but well it…

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