This Wake Up Call from Jeff Is a Must Read!

On The Fence Voters

There’s so much at stake in this election. To say it’s the most important in our lifetime is not an understatement. There’s simply no adjective worthy enough to categorize what we’re facing on November 3, 2020. Life and death? Sure, that works. Look no further than Michelle Obama’s rallying cry from her speech at the Democratic Convention a few months ago: “Vote like your life depends on it.”

And it appears that voters in the United States of American are adhering to the former First Lady’s plea – in record numbers. We’re seeing people making their voices heard, loud and clear. That many are facing wait times in upwards of 10 hours, as was the case in Georgia a few days ago, underscores why we cannot take anything for granted anymore.

These voters are waiting in line because the people conducting the elections didn’t think you’d care enough to show…

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