Well, folks, this is it. Today’s Election Day, although I doubt we’ll know the results immediately. I confess, I’m a wreck. Even more so than four years ago. Back then I imagined how bad things would be if Trump were elected, but that was before a pandemic which has now killed at least 230,000 people. And this, THIS is what I’ll never get past. As much as I’ve hated Trump and the vast majority of his policies, it’s his mishandling of the pandemic that I’ll never forgive. I just keep wondering how many thousands would still be with us if it wasn’t for his lying and depraved indifference. I believe this race is going to be much tighter than what the polls are showing, so if anyone thinks Biden and Harris have this locked up, they don’t. Obviously, you know who my vote went for, but regardless of who your candidate is, I hope everyone gets out there and votes if you haven’t already done so, and please be safe.

~4-year-old twins, Koti and Haven Garza getting into the spirit.~