I have to pass on this beautiful rendition of America the Beautiful, from Kelly Clarkson, in honor of Veterans Day. Thanks to John for sharing this!


Happy Veterans Day 2020!

Today is when we honor all of the Veterans who have served us honorably over the entire history of our country.

They keep us safe and put their lives at risk every day so can we can have freedom…a point more important this year than ever.

In this patriotic #Kellyoke from a special Veteran’s Day “Kelly Clarkson Show”, Kelly and her band, Y’all perform the Ray Charles rendition of “America The Beautiful.”

Here you go:

Bravo to Kelly and the entire show team!

As always, you can follow Kelly’s talk show at all of these great sites:







For even more fun stuff, visit:


Kelly’s talk show is currently in its second season, and every single day, Kelly and her band open the show is a dynamite #kellyoke performance.

She has covered the latest pop hits and the most classic…

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