Cheryl is an wonderful writer and this thoughtful post illustrates why.

Living in the Gap

At first I thought Marcus Aurelius meant “outside events,” as in eating outdoors, but I quickly realized he was talking about circumstances outside our control. Which is everything these days, as if a title wave has washed over our world, and the structures we depend on are no longer occupiable. As you know I dream about water when I’m overwhelmed so this is truly the perfect metaphor for me.

When life gets crazy, as if a dam, I like to build create something, like a pot of soup, schedule a zoom call with friends, a peaceful space to think, a vase of flowers beautifully arranged, a decluttered closet or well thought out blog post, which helps me capture the calm as if a reservoir, leaving me with a sense of satisfaction, and accomplishment, because I’m so done with grinding my teeth and itching my eczema laden skin.

On occasion I…

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