Many of you might remember that during the worst of the pandemic I published Family Friday posts each week, letting you know how things were going in my neck of the woods and asking how all of you were doing. My last entry was in August, when things were improving. Well, sadly the COVID-19 situation is worse than it’s ever been in many parts of the globe, including the US and my own state of Alabama.


During the month of December there have been 95K new cases. The state hospitalization rate has increased by more than 200 each week this month. There have also been 1,074 more deaths in the last few weeks. The county where I live has some of the highest numbers, which give the lack of mask wearing and social distancing isn’t very surprising. Like everyone else, we’re waiting to see how things are the middle of January when cases are expected to surge even more as a result of the holidays. It’s incredible that even though the pandemic in the US is worse now than it was back in March and April, so many people just don’t seem to care. I know part of this might be due to the first vaccines being out, but this selfish indifference was going on long before then. 

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So, for the foreseeable future, my better half and I will continue to self isolate and hope things start improving at some point in 2021. Let me know how everything’s going where you live.