It’s only been a little over a week since the attack on the Capitol, but as more information comes out it’s abundantly clear that it could have been even worse. Mixed amidst the “Stop the Steal” mob, were people with military and police training and there’s an investigation as to whether some of the insurrectionists had specific plans to detain and assassinate political leaders. Members of the Capitol Police are being investigated, and there are reports that groups of people wearing Trump and MAGA paraphernalia were being given tours the day before the insurrection, despite the Capitol having been shut down for these due to the pandemic. There’s a woman in a pink hat who appears in several videos as being part of the mob, but there’s a particularly chilling one that shows her giving detailed instructions on where to go in the building.

As for What Abouters screaming that this past summer’s BLM protests were worse, I’d like to share these interviews with police officers who came close to losing their lives on January 6th.

One of the objects used to beat Michael Fanone was a THIN BLUE LINE FLAG! Un-flipping-believable! Anyway, lastly, I’d like to share this video of hero cop Eugene Goodman, leading a group away from Senate chambers.

Unlike the insurrectionists who went to Washington D.C. with the intention to overturn a lawful election, these men and women as well as slain police officer Brian Sicknick define patriotism.