Three days ago, the US Department of Homeland Security issued its first ever terrorism alert against violent DOMESTIC extremists. 


While you may have already heard about the bulletin, I wanted to share an experience my husband and I had a couple of days after the inauguration. We were out shopping and noticed a man dressed head to toe in fatigues, combat boots and wearing a balaclava that obscured most of his face. Keep in mind it was a 70 degree day. My husband is very well-versed with firearms and it seemed to him that the man was either carrying a large frame handgun in his cargo pants, or a brick. People in the state of Alabama are allowed to carry with a permit, but the way this person was dressed, and strolling leisurely around, not shopping, certainly gave us pause. Nothing happened and it wasn’t long before he left the store. We noticed when we left shortly after, one police cruiser parked near the entrance, and two others slowly driving around the parking lot. This was a wake-up call for us, which is why I’m writing this. Please remember that there are violent extremist groups as well as lone wolves out there, and they’re using their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the election and other things to justify their agendas. When you go out, whether it’s for work, shopping, dining, or anything else, please, please, PLEASE be aware of your surroundings and be careful.