I have to share this heartfelt tribute from John to actor Charles Grodin, who sadly passed away today. R.I.P.


RIP Charles Grodin…

Such sad news: one of the most gift Comic Actors who also wrote a hilariously self-deprecating look at his life, has died at his home in Wilton Connecticut – he was 86 years old.

He was a terrific character Actor in films like “Dave” , “Beethoven”, “Heaven Can Wait” and so many more….I’m going to pay homage to him with three of this performances….

His son, Nicholas, told The New York Times that the cause of death was bone marrow cancer. A spokesperson said Grodin diedpeacefully at his home.

Grodin Helps Satan’s Baby!

Yes, Charles Grodin made his movie debut as the Obstetrician who refuses to help Mia Farrow during her agonizing pregnancy…

We know how that ends…it’s one of the most shocking endings ever to a film, and one of the great horror films of all time…you can read all about it here:


Grodin’s breakthrough…

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