A cautionary tale all cancer survivors should take note of! Thank you to chuq and Sue for sharing this story.

In Saner Thought

This is a cautionary tale for all those cancer survivors that had radiation treatment after their surgery.

I needed to consult with my better half, Sue before writing this post because there is some personal information enclosed that I wanted to clear with her before writing.

We talked it over and she gave me the all clear to include the info as I saw fit.

About six years ago Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer….a lump was discovered in her breast and after consultation with her oncologist it was advised to have it removed .

The surgery was a success…they got the limp and some other lymph nodes to be sure that had removed all the cancer.

The follow-ups were encouraging and she was given massive radiation treatments to be sure that it would not return to haunt her.

After a couple of months of treatment all seemed good and…

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