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 9780062230935_p0_v1_s300xHoly Bionic Ballerina, Batman! With all the superhero books flooding the market, some soar, and some go, well, splat. The Brokenhearted flies sort of in the middle. Anthem Fleet should be the epitome of a happy teen girl. She lives in the privileged North Side of Bedlam City, her parents are successful developers who are on first name basis with all the most important business people and politicians, and Anthem herself is a prima ballerina. No one realizes she is feeling stifled and needs to escape until she breaks up with her gorgeous, popular, but potentially psychotic boyfriend and starts dating Gavin, who lives on the South Side which is home to the poor and the criminals who prey upon them. One night while Anthem and Gavin are at his apartment, he is kidnapped by three masked villains, and Anthem is told if she wants him to live she needs to get a hold of $250,000 for ransom. Desperate, and running home she falls off a bridge into the frigid water below. When she awakens she is told by her rescuer Ford and a renegade doctor that she had died and the only way to revive her was to replace her heart with one made from a hummingbird’s heart and mechanical parts. Anthem soon discovers that she is now developing super abilities like incredible speed, strength, and even flying. Will she be able to rescue Gavin with her new powers? First the bad parts. I liked Anthem, but she made some unbelievably questionable decisions, even for her age. Even more incredulously, her bodyguard Serge actually assists her. It didn’t really make sense. Bedlam City is obviously modeled after Gotham City where you have your model, upstanding citizens, the poor that they look down their noses at, and the sort of clownish, and at times not very bright villains. I didn’t mind this, because Amelia Kahaney manages to give her story a sense of uniqueness. There are a couple of big twists. One I had already been counting on, the other, at the end totally caught me by surprise. I will definitely read the sequel Invisible, which is coming out on Oct. 7th. I don’t have a problem recommending this. I would just advise you borrow The Brokenhearted at your local library instead of purchasing it.