For anyone who hasn’t heard, there seems to be an outbreak of “Creepy Clowns” all over the U.S. Excuse my language but WTF?! As if I wasn’t already doubtful about the direction our country is taking because of the whole Trump thing, we now have morons running around scaring the hell out of people and worse, children.


While many of these have been false reports or idiotic pranks like the father in my state of MA dressing up and chasing his son’s school bus, others incidents have been threatening, and in some cases violent. Schools have even been forced to close because of the lunacy. You know things are bad when Stephen King himself has to come out and admonish people.


Β “Hey guys, time to cool down the clown hysteria–most of them are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.”


So, can everyone please just grow up? Seriously people, Β we’re better than this! Killer clowns belong in fiction and nightmares, not in real life!