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250 Pages

Synopsis: When Jeff Lisker’s father passes away, he finds himself returning to his hometown.

A successful Californian businessman, Jeff falls into the past, remembering his old friend Georgians Slaton. 

Unearthing old memories, he decides to seek her out, where she now lives in the suburbs with her husband and daughter. He visits the family, using the guise of his work to spend some time in Danbury. There he finds Georgianne happily married, much to his dismay.

Rekindling their friendship, Jeff soon finds himself obsessed with Georgianne, and is convinced she is meant to be with him.

Now he realizes that he must possess her…

At whatever cost.

Rapture is one of those books that I think had great potential, but somehow didn’t quite hit the mark. One criticism I have is that it’s told in the third person from Jeff’s POV which is okay, but I think first person would have been a much better choice because it would have allowed the reader to really get into his head. I was also disappointed that the story wasn’t scarier. Oh sure, it’s mildly disturbing watching Jeff’s descent into madness, but to be honest, I found the plot fairly predictable and there were never any shocking surprises. Georgianne, the oblivious subject of Jeff’s increasing fixation, is likable, but also bland. Given Jeff’s increasingly stalker-like behavior toward her, her continuing cluelessness just isn’t believable. And I’m speaking as someone who can be extremely naive about people! The ending was also disappointing because for me it was a bit anticlimactic and there were a few things that were never resolved. I know this probably sounds like I hated the book, but I didn’t, which is why I gave 3 stars. It’s a quick, fun read, especially if you’re on vacation or you’re in need of a book, yet are too busy to get completely wrapped up in a complicated storyline.