“Marjorie” is the latest tale penned by Pete and I simply have to share it. It has a truly memorable main character and is full of the clever twists this talented author is known for. If you like your suspense to build slowly, you can read this in installments on his blog as it’s a twenty part serial. Otherwise, this links to the latest post where Pete has kindly presented all the episodes as one complete story. However you wish to read it, I promise you’ll enjoy it!


Following the completion of the twenty-part fiction serial, I am presenting all those episodes in one complete story. This is for those who prefer to read it all in one go, and for anyone who may have missed parts along the way. It is a long read, in 21,400 words.

It had seemed like a good plan.

Phil cleaned the windows at the big house, so he had seen inside. They had pots of money. And four cars, all expensive ones. Who needs four cars? You can only drive one at a time. Well maybe two, if your wife is going somewhere different, and knows how to drive. He had a good idea of house prices in the area. That place would sell for close to five million in today’s market.

Rodney had always been a dreamer. He lived life anticipating the next big thing, but that never happened. He…

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