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Thanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury USA Childrens for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Release Date: Available Now

400 Pages

Synopsis: Things have changed for seventeen-year-old Zoe since the otherworldly events that brought her together with the mysterious bounty hunter she calls X. In order to save Zoe and her family, X has done the unthinkable—he’s given up his freedom and returned to captivity in the Lowlands.

X is determined to break the lords’ hold on him once and for all, but being stripped of his power pushes him toward a darkness he’s never experienced and a past he’s never known. The secrets that surface could be the key to reuniting X and Zoe…or they could mean the destruction of everything they’ve been fighting for.

Gripping and full of heart, this epic continuation of Jeff Giles’ series—which already has rave reviews from the New York Times bestselling authors Kami Garcia, Melissa de la Cruz and Cassandra Clare, among others—will bring readers right to the edge of everything.

When I reviewed the first book of this duology last year, The Edge of Everything, I gave it 4 1/2 stars with my only issue being the insta-love between Zoe and X. In The Brink of Darkness, their relationship  is firmly established even though they spend a good part of the book separated, so I was able to completely buy into their romance. 

The story picks up immediately from the end of the previous book and even though it’s been a year, I was immediately sucked right back in. While X is in the underworld on a quest to find his mother and reunite with Zoe, she’s is back with her family and friends and worrying about X. I absolutely loved this couple and their devotion to one another. Neither lets anything or anyone stand in their way of protecting the other. And just like in the first book, the secondary characters are equally well written. The world building is amazing and readers get to see much more of the underworld, its inhabitants, and how it works. The story unfolds at a fast pace and the ending ties everything perfectly. My only disappointment is that this is the end. I find myself already missing the characters. I highly recommend this duology for teens and adult fans of YA paranormal. It’s original and creative and you won’t be able to prevent yourself from becoming attached to the characters.