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Thanks to the author for providing this ebook in exchange for an honest review.

320 Pages

Synopsis: Martin Gallagher buys an old house in the country. While pursuing Hannah, a widow from the neighborhood, he encounters a sexy but psychotic ghost named Agnes. To make matters worse, Agnes is dead-set on derailing his blossoming romance.

Meanwhile, an eccentric medium offers to help Martin exorcise his home, but this means resisting the temptress, encountering the bizarre, and braving supernatural encounters. Can Martin overcome his desires and fears long enough to lift the dreaded curse?

Curses is just one of those books that you come to the end and think “Now that was fun!” It’s creative, and original, and has one of the most likable main characters that I’ve come across.

The book is split into three parts and I found the first two to be the most enjoyable. Martin is a character I wish I knew in real life. He’s intelligent, sweet and funny, and somehow maintains a calm demeanor even while dealing with crazy and unexpected supernatural happenings. I loved his relationship with Hannah, but his dealings with Agnes, the psychotic ghost, had me in stitches!

Overall, Curses is a wildly entertaining book that I highly recommend to fans who like some humor mixed in with their horror. This was my first book by Calvin Dean, but it definitely won’t be my last!