With you’re a fellow migraine sufferer, or you have a friend, family member, or coworker who has them, this is a MUST READ! Thank you Looking For the Light for sharing this.

March 3, 2020/U.S. Pain Foundation

Headache and migraine diseases captured attention nationally throughout February thanks to features on ABC’sGood Morning America, CBS’sSunday Morning Show, and PBS’sNewsHour. Members of theINvisible Projectwere highlighted on all three stations.

On Feb. 25, Dr. William B. Young, a headache specialist at Jefferson Headache Center and contributing writer for the INvisible Project, discussed the reality and severity of millions of Americans who have migraine disease on theSunday Morning Show.

Watch Dr. Young onSunday Morning Showsegmenthere

That same week,Good Morning America (GMA)ran three segments on migraine. Jaime Sanders (also known as the Migraine Diva) and Robert Pushis and his family were filmed at their homes to show life with chronic migraine. Producers on the medical team for the show found theINvisible Project: 3rd Edition Migraine Diseasesonline and reached out to…

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